Monday, 3 November 2014

Styling an Another8 dress

 Hey guys i recently picked up this dress from
and it was actually meant for one of my singles from an E.P that was coming out. I wanted it to be used in my music video for my single but things took a different turning as am not going to be putting out my E.P anytime soon. but on the up note am glad that i can finally get to wear this dress now.

This dress is called the 'Sophia' dress and I absolutely love it just for the sheer fact of it resembling the dress singer songwriter 'Rihanna' had worn to the style icon awards.

For this first look I paired the Sophia dress with an underneath bustier/hosiery as the dress was quite sheer and masculine. The bustier added some Va Va Voom, sexiness to match the masculinity and soften the look.
I also added a blue and white patterned skirt that I recently purchased from American apparel just to match with the lovely black and white contrasted boots which will be shown in the next few pictures so keep scrolling!

Boots-New Look/ Dress- Another8/ Mulberry Lipstick- Sleek

 For this look I really just want to call it 'Fencing of the boys' because in my opinion this outfit screams dark/mysterious and rebellious. Its all to do with the lipstick and the long black tank dress its also an ideal for the fall season so you cant go wrong. The lipstick is from the Sleek brand and its called 'Mulberry' but I did mix it with another lipstick from the Sleek brand going by the name of 'Mystic' which is my staple lipstick from Sleek. Though if you cant dabble like me with lipstick's  then the perfect lipstick that is similar in color would be the 'Exaggerate' lipstick from Sleek as its a dark matt purple color.
 As for the outfit I added this button up dress that I got many years back from Topshop but I only buttoned the collar bone area as i wanted to still keep the sexy-ness of the Sophia dress as well as the obvious-ness of there being a dress. To compliment the outfit I added the Black and white contrasted boots that was mentioned in the first look. But guys I styled another piece so be sure scroll down some more!

Red checkered shirt- Topshop/ Dress- Another8/  
Black shorts- Topshop/ Boots- New Look

Since am giving the outfit names I call this one 'Street style'.
the wrapped around the waist red checkered shirt is the staple for changing this into a more street/urban look. Tucking in the Sophia dress into the black high waisted shorts adding shape to one's body. By also still having the contrasted black and white boots to match with the shorts and bustier made it into a good feel/sexy urban look.
I definitely can see someone going to a dance class like this as its very versatile to go looking like the 'Ish' but then swapping the shoes for pumps if there was a hardcore dance routine taking place. but there after slipping back on those boots creating a look that say's 'that was nothing, am ready for the next part of my day' 

Speaking of dancing guys if you didn't know I do have a YouTube Channel by the name Ajia Croft.
I uploaded this look so go check me out in motion as there was a bit of dancing from me in the end of the video. please find the link below! love you all and have a good day 

My YouTube Channel: Ajia Croft

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Have you ever been through a faze of not knowing what to wear? and even if you have more clothing than one person should have, its still something that occurs.
The pictures above is an example of what can happen, and doesn't it look ridiculous! (please note all of these photos took place in the Oxford Circus H&M store and I must say as crazy as it was it was very lollapalooza and fun to shoot). in a way you could say am advertising the latest H&M merch but on the other hand how do you spice up your clothing without having spend on new wear everyday day?

It's quite simple really, basics! starting with basic items like a plain top and well fitted jeans is a good place to start as from there you can build and add on accessories or bold colours that can make your outfit stand out, its also great because just by adding and subtracting items over a basic will make you look like you've put on a new outfit all the time. additionally you could play it safe and go for statement colours like black, and nudes... black clothing gives your body a sleeker alignment and it also adds an edge or an importance to your outfit and nudes or white clothing makes you look minimalistic yet classy, you also won't need to add much to this as these colours blend well making it perfect for someone who's always on the go. 

Some people also enjoy colours and nothing is wrong with that! just throw on a basic underlay and overlay it with all the colours you like, in a few of my photos I felt like I was 'dancing with Miley Cyrus' rocking out like 'Mick Jagger' and or was cross-dressing between Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.
including all those bright colours literally can make your day and improve your happiness especially since its winter around the corner, join me in beating the depressing winter's cold with dressing up.

Since this was shot in one of the biggest H&M some items may only be found in store. see below for all the items found online:
Fake fur leopard print coat: here
Lace Bustier Bra: here


Outfit Of The Day Ft YouTuber Kamilah Kam

Today I met up with a fellow 'YouTuber' and am glad to say that 
we became amazing friends! we walked around and had crazy talks,dancing and out loud singing fun. at the end of the day we decided to do an outfit of the day to put on our YouTube channels.
but because this is a blog I didn't want my bloggers to miss out so please enjoy the stills and if you like the outfit be sure to check out my outfit details below 

Topshop oversized checkered shirt: here
Topshop Jamie Jeans: here
Jacket: H&M
New Look Platform sandals: here
DKNY Bag: House Of Fraser

My YouTube Outfit of the day video: here

Featuring Kamilah Kam

Although Kamilah doesn't have a blogger account yet she does have YouTube. to see her in motion in more detail and to watch her talk about her own personals then be sure to check out her YouTube channel here But for now check out her outfit details below

COS Asymmetric Jumper: here
Topshop Ripped Joni Jeans: here
New Balance Trainers: here
Bag: H&M


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Name: Stephanie
Occupation: Singer/songwriter (as seen on Britain's got talent)

It wasn't because she has stardom but Steph truly in real life is just stunning.
long story short she was a former singer in the band 'Luminites' whom went on to performing on Britain's got talent and having gotten to the finals the Luminites made it big though a few months later they decided to go separate ways due to wanting to pursue their 
individual dreams.

on the upside Stepahnie is still pursuing her dreams in singing and is currently on the x factor stage. I personally am glad to see her back!

Since I was so star struck it completely slipped my mind to ask her about her outfit and cool as it was it was her face that literally blew me away. her style on the other hand does resemble that off something (in my opinion) Pia Mia, Rihanna and Rita Ora would wear so if you know of these artists channeling the look should be a piece of cake.

 Name: Jelena
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

On a day out in Carnaby Street to take street style pictures I found my self being taken a picture off by a group of 'MSN' workers. but mean while that was happening they were also snapping away at the person shown above and telepathy I knew exactly why therefore I had to get my shots too.

meet Jelena a 21 year old with style that says 'whatever goes' in my opinion if I was dressed like her or looked like her it would be like being in Australia skating on a skateboard with warm winds blowing through my blonde beach wavey hair and a netted top to keep away mosquito's.

I love her style as its easy breezy yet very trendy.
be sure to follow her on her Instagram account for more looks:

Crop top: H&M
Mesh Top: American Apparel
Skirt: Thrifted

 Name: Jessica
Age: 21
Occupation: Works in Beauty

First of all let me just say wow!

Jessica is a swedish girl working in beauty. her looks are very creative and exquisite having met her in Camden Market i asked her where does all her fashion and beauty inspiration came from? her look and beauty in her words derived from her love of 'dreadlocks, Japanese style clothing and Harajuku nail art as well as the free spirited-ness of the bohemian lifestyle. after hearing her out I was just in absolute awe my smile lines began to hurt from over excitement. I really was glad I met her and her presence through her fashion and makeup is to die for as its so loud experimental and confident Jessica definitely inspired me
to see more check out her Instagram account: @janejessdoe

Top: Motel Rocks (two piece)
Skirt: Motel Rocks (two piece)
Shoes/Underground Creepers: Ebay
Bag: Thrifted

 Name: Chaerin
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Chaerin is a korean fashionista. her makeup drew me to her the most but her fashion complimented her look perfectly. may I also add that 'not many people can pull off the mid knee length skirt but she did'.
to find out what else she can pull off follow her on her Instagram account: @clcl0924_

Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Top: Uniqlo
Dress: Pixie Market
Bag: Kavu
Hat: 8 Seconds (Korean brand)
Boots: N/A

 Name: Faustyna
Age: 17
Occupation: Student

Do you like patterns and a elegant wrapped style dress? well I did!
Faustyna's look is a look that you could dress up and or dress down. but since i caught her on a busy shopping day in Camden's American Apparel store I saw her in her casual attire yet i think seeing something how it is and not flashy definitely opens one's mind on venturing how to make it become something more than it is.

If you like the look/items shown be sure to search for it.

Jacket: H&M
Dress: Rokit
Shoes: Vans
Bag: Rokit 

Thats it guys i hope you liked the girls edition!

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