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A restaurant of Jamie Oliver

The other night I booked a table for this guy above who goes by the name 'John'
it was his birthday and I was searching for the best restaurants in town to celebrate his new age. I began my research and the most highly reviewed restaurant turned out to be 'Barbecoa' since this restaurant was also made by none other than the amazing English renowned self-branded cook 'Jamie Oliver' I  just couldn't say no. I knew it was going to be a good dining experience, especially because of the location of the restaurant which sits perfectly aligned with the St Paul's Cathedral, and as you can see from the pictures shown above the view was spectacular! they definitely impressed us with the classy brown menus and the modern cottage like bricked wall interior creating a warm ambiance.
they also had tables big enough to fit a group of horse, elephant and a whale around and a big enough space to get around.
The waiters/waitresses were lovely. our personal server I recall her name to be 'Jenny' delivered perfectly and didn't hassle us too much as some waiters/waitresses would.
anywho, now it was just time to assess the food!

Barbecoa drink menu.

The roast menu

 (booked course meal)

For our main I had booked us from the roast menu the 12- hour smoked shoulder of east Sussex lamb that came with mint sauce at the price of £25 per person. pricey I know but it was that or the smoked Dorchester prime rib or beef at £35 per person and even though it was johns birthday and not mine I still selfishly chose the lamb as I really didn't like beef that much and it was also because a good lamb is really hard to find these days.
before the main though we did have starters I recall them to be the wood-plank smoked duck and the smoked and fried chicken wings.
john had the duck as am a bit of an animal lover and wont go as far as eating a duck.
he was really in love with the maple dressing and the maraschino cherry sauce that complimented the tender medium done duck strips and I the same with the chicken wings that I forgot to even take a picture of it.

The roast lamb for two

Allow me to take a second to describe this lamb as its literally no ordinary lamb. This lamb serves to its purpose of being slow roasted for 12 hours as the tenderness and subtle taste is that of no other. the sauces that accompanied the lamb went down perfectly and made it taste even better. specifically speaking i devoured the lamb with the traditional mint sauce as if I had ran out of toothpaste for half a  year and needed a serious fix except the fix was for my stomach.
John and I were really glad to have had the lamb.

The Yorkshire pudding that basked the wood-fried carrots lettuce and roasted asparagus

On the side are the mint and barbecue sauce for the lamb and in the middle the cauliflower in cheese and bacon mix and seen right to that is the roast potatoes mildly salted and seasoned with thyme.

The old smokey cocktail.

Drink one of this and your back in the game and two of this and your on strike and three well do I need to say. this is a really strong drink but a must taste as it definitely can stand on its own and the flavors are none other.

Why pick a dessert when you can get them all just mini sized?

these are all the desserts from the Barbecoa dessert menu but you can also get them all in miniature size if you choose the surprise sweets board which as you can see looks amazing! 

In conclusion since having dessert also means the end of eating I have to say that Barbecoa was an amazing place from the view to the food and presentation wise it truly deserved its 5 star reviews. though our bill came to £135 included of the service charge it was worth it. please check out all the links to Barbecoa at the end of this post as I highly request anyone reading this to experience Barbecoa themselves.

The aftermath

so after having an amazing time at Barbecoa I headed back to johns place to gift him with his birthday presents.

I got him as he called it a 'super trippy card' which was a holographic type of card where the image sort of pops out at you and it was of a frog hopping left-right withe note above that says 'hoppy birthday' and inside the card held my own special note to him. which he quickly dismissed as the was so 'tripped out' by the card design.

yeah baby rip that up!

'Tada' behold my second gift which was one of the new Jordan's called 'Jordan 1 mid' 
yeah I know he is a pretty lucky person right now. but it also made me happy to see him happy the end
Happy birthday John.

Check out Barbecoa on their website:

Like the new Jordans then get at:


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