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End of summer lookbook


                                                My most worn items!  

 My Niece named Rose decided to join me in the picture taking 
isn't she highly photogenic, I just love her so much.

Above is only one of the many items I didn't regret purchasing for this summer 2014
the  above dress is from American apparel. the dress ranges in patterns but personally
this pattern did it for me. and not to forget the feel of the dress as its a very silky and is a very literal silhouette
for any body type as it firms and flatters your shape nicely. 

I like to pair the dress with trainers/pumps to get a 'lily Allen dress meets trainers look' but at the same time you can definitely dress it up a bit by adding a shawl and a pair of heels. which actually leads me to quote about my heels which are from New Look . they are just the loveliest pair and a pop of colour to accompany this dress and the detailing suited my feet very well. the feel of the shoe is of a suede like material so if you like these items please find all the links below:

Next up!

Next up is this minty fresh outfit.
am guessing you guys can tell that in summer I become like a bay-watch type of girl as I think anything bikini 
looking flatters any shape in summer.And because of that I had my eye on the Cotton Spandex Jersey Tank from American apparel . I can wear this as a night out item or on a beach/ workout/yoga item, the list is endless and that's why I had to include it into my 'End of summer look-book .in which I am currently working on putting into motion on YouTube so stay alert!
the only faulty of this tank is that because its made from cotton when wearing no bra be sure to know that (for ladies only!)
your nipples will be exposed. therefore wearing a less obvious under bra would be best when wearing this item as seen below.

As for the jeans I am wearing the Easy jeans which is also from American apparel.
the Easy Jeans is a high waisted, soft stretch denim jeans that moulds to your body shape 
and because the tank is a very slim fit outfit I thought it was only fair to add something that would compliment it.
I bought this pastel green colour as in summer its all about getting all the 'bee's in a trap'
as I like to say.


In the above two pictures I regrettably say that I didn't get to capture
what i mainly loved which was the 'acid wash high waisted jean cuff shorts' from American Apparel.
therefore i will just insert the link to the shorts below:
on the other hand if your someone who takes a liking to this particular shorts i have to now tell to the bad thing about this shorts which is what I experienced. the shorts over time changed colour from a acid wash blue colour to a acid wash yellowish colour and if that's something that doesn't float your boat as it did mine then be cautious and or take extra care when washing as maybe the colour change was due to that
'who knows!'. 

as for the top I cant say much as I bought it a very long time ago therefore any working top 
should do the trick in reassembling the above shown pink top, simply just tie a knot using the ends of your top and pair with any high waisted bottoms.

The edge!

I call this look 'The edge' simply because of the attitude the above shades/sunnies/sunglasses give off.
At first sight I instantly fell in love as blue was my favourite colour and it being blue made it into a must have item. I also liked how the golden rim made the shades look like a very expensive vintage pair of shades. but don't be mistaken as I only picked these up walking through Camden Market, many of the Camden stalls literally had the same shades so if you like these be sure to pop down Camden town as you cant miss them.

As for the clothing the top was also bought from a Camden stall like shop. it was a Japanese brand but they had no name (which was very strange indeed). the only way I can guide you there is having entered Camden town take a walk to the general food area where there is a lake/Pond/River Thames scenery and just look around that area as the shop is situated not far from there. this top took my liking as it had a Asian baby on the front with the popular symbol of a moustache which is highly seen in the 'indie trend'.oh and when do you ever see a tatted baby- ERM like never! so I just had to have it 

As for my jeans I am wearing the 'Topshop Moto high waisted black Rinse Jamie Jeans'.
please find the link below: 
Moving on to the shoes I wore the same chunky caged sandals from New Look that were mentioned in my last blog post 'River Island collab's with a Platter Puss'
though I will post the link again below:


the accessory worn shown in the above is a black hat and sunglasses though I have no link to the sunglasses i do have the link for the hat which I bought from River Island. the link to the item is found below

And that's the end of my 'End of Summer Look Book/most worn items' post guys so I hope you liked it and found something you like.

much love 



  1. Im in love with the first look!

    1. Thanks BBz it really does mean a lot... Have u any tips for me to brighten up my blog profile oh and what is your YouTube channel? Cause I saw that u mentioned having one on one of your blog posts.... I used to do youtube too but then I moved to a different channel... I shud be uploading soon so keep an eye out much love xx

  2. Thank you... I like your post so full of nature... It's always nice to see a fresh post if u get what I mean xoxoxo

  3. Loving your electric blue shoes in the first look!
    Thanks for your lovely comment girl! xx


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