Sunday, 26 October 2014


Have you ever been through a faze of not knowing what to wear? and even if you have more clothing than one person should have, its still something that occurs.
The pictures above is an example of what can happen, and doesn't it look ridiculous! (please note all of these photos took place in the Oxford Circus H&M store and I must say as crazy as it was it was very lollapalooza and fun to shoot). in a way you could say am advertising the latest H&M merch but on the other hand how do you spice up your clothing without having spend on new wear everyday day?

It's quite simple really, basics! starting with basic items like a plain top and well fitted jeans is a good place to start as from there you can build and add on accessories or bold colours that can make your outfit stand out, its also great because just by adding and subtracting items over a basic will make you look like you've put on a new outfit all the time. additionally you could play it safe and go for statement colours like black, and nudes... black clothing gives your body a sleeker alignment and it also adds an edge or an importance to your outfit and nudes or white clothing makes you look minimalistic yet classy, you also won't need to add much to this as these colours blend well making it perfect for someone who's always on the go. 

Some people also enjoy colours and nothing is wrong with that! just throw on a basic underlay and overlay it with all the colours you like, in a few of my photos I felt like I was 'dancing with Miley Cyrus' rocking out like 'Mick Jagger' and or was cross-dressing between Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.
including all those bright colours literally can make your day and improve your happiness especially since its winter around the corner, join me in beating the depressing winter's cold with dressing up.

Since this was shot in one of the biggest H&M some items may only be found in store. see below for all the items found online:
Fake fur leopard print coat: here
Lace Bustier Bra: here



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    1. Thanks BBz I checked yours out too... Really loved your style... Had to follow... Follow back and stay in touch xx

  2. I like that tee in the last picture


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