Monday, 3 November 2014

Styling an Another8 dress

 Hey guys i recently picked up this dress from
and it was actually meant for one of my singles from an E.P that was coming out. I wanted it to be used in my music video for my single but things took a different turning as am not going to be putting out my E.P anytime soon. but on the up note am glad that i can finally get to wear this dress now.

This dress is called the 'Sophia' dress and I absolutely love it just for the sheer fact of it resembling the dress singer songwriter 'Rihanna' had worn to the style icon awards.

For this first look I paired the Sophia dress with an underneath bustier/hosiery as the dress was quite sheer and masculine. The bustier added some Va Va Voom, sexiness to match the masculinity and soften the look.
I also added a blue and white patterned skirt that I recently purchased from American apparel just to match with the lovely black and white contrasted boots which will be shown in the next few pictures so keep scrolling!

Boots-New Look/ Dress- Another8/ Mulberry Lipstick- Sleek

 For this look I really just want to call it 'Fencing of the boys' because in my opinion this outfit screams dark/mysterious and rebellious. Its all to do with the lipstick and the long black tank dress its also an ideal for the fall season so you cant go wrong. The lipstick is from the Sleek brand and its called 'Mulberry' but I did mix it with another lipstick from the Sleek brand going by the name of 'Mystic' which is my staple lipstick from Sleek. Though if you cant dabble like me with lipstick's  then the perfect lipstick that is similar in color would be the 'Exaggerate' lipstick from Sleek as its a dark matt purple color.
 As for the outfit I added this button up dress that I got many years back from Topshop but I only buttoned the collar bone area as i wanted to still keep the sexy-ness of the Sophia dress as well as the obvious-ness of there being a dress. To compliment the outfit I added the Black and white contrasted boots that was mentioned in the first look. But guys I styled another piece so be sure scroll down some more!

Red checkered shirt- Topshop/ Dress- Another8/  
Black shorts- Topshop/ Boots- New Look

Since am giving the outfit names I call this one 'Street style'.
the wrapped around the waist red checkered shirt is the staple for changing this into a more street/urban look. Tucking in the Sophia dress into the black high waisted shorts adding shape to one's body. By also still having the contrasted black and white boots to match with the shorts and bustier made it into a good feel/sexy urban look.
I definitely can see someone going to a dance class like this as its very versatile to go looking like the 'Ish' but then swapping the shoes for pumps if there was a hardcore dance routine taking place. but there after slipping back on those boots creating a look that say's 'that was nothing, am ready for the next part of my day' 

Speaking of dancing guys if you didn't know I do have a YouTube Channel by the name Ajia Croft.
I uploaded this look so go check me out in motion as there was a bit of dancing from me in the end of the video. please find the link below! love you all and have a good day 

My YouTube Channel: Ajia Croft


  1. You have an amazing sense of style, the shimmery top is beautiful and you've styled it impeccably in both instances, although I have to admit that the first is my fave! xx

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  2. Love how you have styled these looks and that lip shade really suits you xx


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