Thursday, 16 June 2016

Instagram Worthy?

I think we all know about Instagram but as of late there's been a huge craze to look 'Instagram-able'.

Beauty wise there's also a makeup trend that's been taking youtube by storm called 'Instagram Baddie' it focuses on what Instagram beauty generally looks like, and that is all matte! matte flawless skin with a matte lipstick. Speaking of 'matte lipsticks' which seems to be taking over 2015 into the now 2016 a lot lately, I have yet to get my hands on the trending 'Color Pop' Lippies. they are most popular because of its affordability and great quality matte liquid lipsticks. but the problem is they don't ship to the UK...yet!...I know I am bummed too!
but anyways back to the topic, I too have taken part in the 'Instagram Baddie' makeup look and have made my own rendition on my YouTube channel (here).
The video can be found below this post, but since my blog is mainly about fashion. I wanted to focus on what 'Instagram fashion' looks like, which generally ranges from looks consisting of gym wear, street wear or the glam/sexy look.
Personally, I have put together this sleek leather skirt from Topshop with this super trendy American Apparel body suit to keep it sexy yet young looking. I also paired the outfit with netted tights for a more sexy feel with heels to add to its feminity, it also acts as a block of color to take away from the monochromatic outfit.

Do you think this look is Instagram-worthy? comment down below! I would love to know what  you think, and if you like/ try this look then I say why not add a cap too its super 'Instagram-able!'.
enjoy guys!

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Halter Bodysuit: Here

Topshop Leather Midi Skirt: (Similar here) Or Here 

New Look Blue Heels: (Similar here)


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