Thursday, 7 July 2016


Lately, I've found myself completely dosed in the color black. self-consciously; maturity must be kicking in; the need to look my age and feel statistically & socially worthy is at its peak.

Its still a working progress, though, as before judging from my recent fashion post's wearing lots of colors were my thing! now that I am growing older I've dabbled in wearing black's and deeper colored clothes knowledgeable knowing that this is a thing for women in certain cultures e.g Chinese women and or Japanese geisha's (I chose to speak of Asia as its a place I wish to visit and perhaps live.) but that's a whole different entity. whatever the reasons for this radical change; I still can't throw away my child like trending wear nor can I completely disown my colored clothes. therefore, expect to see a huge variety of looks from my indecisive fashion sense. 

Pictures photographed by the lovely: Elena

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