Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Blogger Fashion Trends summer '16'



Culottes are especially trendy this season as its an alt to joggers except they are worn more loosely and can be dressed down or up easily. additionally; depending on its patterns or textures they are prominently suitable to wear as work wear as its comfort factor and stylish flare are unbeatable loved, especially by us bloggers! get this wind of fresh air here!.


Ripped Jeans

These denim jeans found (here) from Missguided are a pair that I personally have waiting within my wish list; as ripped jeans just scream 'it's summer!'. being able to wear jeans with a loose and edgy approach along with showing a bit of skin is always perfect for summer especially when you haven't shaved your legs! or you live in London where the weather, isn't always predictable.


Pyjama Jackets/Shirts

Here we see a little bit of 'The Little Plum' blogger 'Chloe' showcasing the newest pyjama like-shirt from the 'Dorothy Perkins Petite' line; I must admit, it does look very comforting. like a strokable silk material its a must have for indoor and outdoor wear. find this lucky number here!.


The 'Bardot'

Bardot's are killing it this summer '16' bringing back the 'off the shoulder' look with a bang. Bardot's can be dresses, playsuits, jumpsuits, bodysuits or in the form of a normal plain top. it's for the lover of seeing one's shoulder's accentuated. to get this Bardot Playsuit or to view the rest of  the 'Dorothy Perkins Petite' line click here!.


Barely There Heels VS Strappy Knee Highs

These days it's all about minimalism and class; what better way than to pair your favorite outfit with 'barely there heels', get buoyant in shoes that won't distract one's eyes from the rest of your bomb outfit! or when in need of a cover up with a sexy feel to it, try these lace-up boots/heels. both pairs of shoes are the talk of the town it just depends on your preference. feel easy breezy with this 'barely there heels' found here; or rock out on the town with this super sexy 'over the knee lace up heels' found here!.


Patterned Bags

It's eminent more and more that pattern Bags are being replaced by two toned, croc, mini's and animal skinned bags; preferably snake skinned as of late. personally I am a fan of the fad and like most bloggers who have already copped  these beauty's; my eyes are also on the look out!

To get the 'Mulberry Two Toned Goat skin Bag' shown above click here, or for the 'River Island Snake Skin Bag' also shown above click here.

There are a thousand and one trends but for bloggers, these are the items hot right this minute!
hope you enjoyed! do let me know your faves below in the comment section!.


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