Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Summer Essentials '16'

So summer is just around the corner; technically it's here, but for us, Londoner's it not! for until we see that continuous...array of sunlight for 2 weeks straight then it's not summer!...yes!... it's that serious!
anywho I wanted to give a slight pictorial on what's a must to have +  carry with you on hot sunny days, continue to read as I let you in on skincare, fashion, beauty, and all summer related essentials.


'I am going to make this quick! as skincare is vital in summer, having a one-stop shop to fixing all your problems is hard to find but with the above product it won't be a thing.'

'Body Shops Tea Tree Face Mask' is a proven substance that caters to a majority of skin types, though if you're sensitive just remove the product quicker than recommended. on the positive side this product is an absolute must have; tea tree is a rich source high in antioxidants and vitamins specifically vitamin C & E, because of this its great at combating and reversing sun damage, lifting dry dead skin, toning/firming the skin as well as opening pores to deep clean and refresh your skin; it's a strong product so a recommendation use of 1-2 times a week is all you would need to get your skin/face looking amazingly rejuvenated. that goes to say 'you can now not wear makeup outside and still feel a million' additionally, the usual tips also apply which is to drink plenty of water which would hydrate your skin, allowing luminosity. another is using plenty of sunscreen, this will protect your skin from the harsh rays of sunlight that kills your skin cells causing less reproduction of healthy looking skin.


'want to achieve that all over summer glow skin or bronzed tan?
then look no further! these two products above are my personal picks of an affordable skin bronzing shimmer and tanner.

'Body Shop's Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil' is a light oil with shimmery gold particles that brings light to your skin, not only is it a great skin nourisher and highlighter but it also acts as a tanning enhancer. secondly is the 'Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs' spray tanner; personally, I get mine in deep tan which is the darkest shade in the range. the reason why I personally love and always recommend this product is because of its well put together color range, vain and stretch mark coverage ability and another is the tanning result. it does exactly what it says on the bottle; with this product, my legs always look and feel smooth, its flaw covering abilities works a treat leaving my legs airbrushed and flawless. its great at sticking to the skin even in top notch high levels of heat if no or quick drying lotions are applied before application to the skin, therefore this product remains my go to est 2010.



'Blonde is Fun but dark is mysterious, long hair is feminine but the length of your hair shouldn't define you!'

Within or society hair is seen as a powerful thing though if you are strong willed you wouldn't let it define you. in summer we all chase the streaky highlights, dip dye/ombre's, and overall bleach! forgetting about our common roots, meaning jet black is also beautiful as its a mature and seductive shade.
which to choose is up to you!
Below are Pinterest, trending yet classic hairstyles that are the 'ish' this summer. from the Japanesque half-up-half-down look to the braids & shaved hair galore they are all pictured below, but before you view them; I have a tip on how to achieve them. the major key to getting these amazing looks are by using volumizing & texturizing products (as seen above), a great trustee of mine is using 'Batiste Dry Shampoo' instead of sea salt as sea salt can dry out your hair, another alt is by using a bounce back/re-workable matte clay to get fixed yet moveable hairstyles; a great range can be found via the 'VO5' brand or the 'Charles Worthington' line. I personally love both ranges as its for men and women, with all lenghts of hair + textures  and they, smell great too, now on to the 'hair-inspo's'.


'Poorly decided makeup in the heat is due for a disaster, feel confident in your makeup in whatever the season using my beauty tips below.'


before applying your base makeup/foundation it's vital to get your skin prepped and primed as it ensures your makeup stays in place majority of the day, my tip is to use a mattifying primer, a fave of mine is using the 'BECCA Mattify Pore Eraser' it's a great all-rounder, its mattifying properties acts as a primer as well as reducing your pores which cancel's out oily skin, as having oily skin can cause your makeup to glide around.


your base is what makes your skin look flawless it also adheres any other product you add on therefore having a great foundation is key, though having a foundation with good coverage that's high in SPF is another! my pick of foundation is the 'Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation' with 'SPF10', it's matte with full coverage + its durability is like no other, its a definite must have!


lastly, this should be an obvious one! but using all matte products as well as a finishing matte spray
will keep all the disasters that may come your way at bay!
e.g matte lipsticks from 'Colorpop', 'Sleek' and 'DOSE' line will keep you from annoyingly having to apply your lippy every time you eat and drink. use finishing sprays to ensure its durability but on the other hand; stay away from powders...your skin needs to breathe! over powdering, will make your face overheat, therefore no matter how good your makeup is if you over powder your skin/body goes into backup/rescue mode as it knows what's best for you! listen to your body and stay calm and collected this summer '16'


'Your hips don't lie but damn those jeans!'

This summer's all about 'ripped jeans', 'ripped and silky high waisted shorts', 'culottes', 'bomber jackets' and of course the usual suspect 'denim'& co-ords. curating these looks are very easy as high street fashion shops are saturating the media with them like wild fire.

Anywho that's it for the essentials if you think I missed any great essential items then do comment and share with everyone below + don't forget to subscribe via email or to follow me on 'Bloglovin!' all links are found on the right corner side-bar, so have a scroll and keep up with me everytime I post.

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