Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Working With A Photographer

So a few weeks ago I decided to work with a photographer; as being a blogger, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people. finding new and innovative ways to update your blog and captivate your readers is a must! I wanted to capture something that perhaps was missing or could be improved on my blog, therefore; I always tried to engage with other bloggers whom mostly have more followers than I do because it would usually indicate that they are doing all the right things. since my blog is mainly a fashion based platform, photography was crucial for my blog. 

Having read advice blogs on taking photo's' which I tried to replicate but later failed because they never turned out as well! I realised I needed to take a professional approach to get more of an insight therefore, I was on the hunt to find a local photographer who not only took great photo's but had Amazing editing skills and also great rates, someone who especially catered to photographing fashion bloggers and products. 
Whilst searching via Instagram a certain photographer's name would always re-occur. Her name was 'Elgola', She was highly celebrated by most of the top bloggers I supported via Instagram therefore, I had a look at her work. thereafter, I was immediately blown away; her photo's came across to be well color graded and that's something I was looking for as it meant that within a picture all the colours would be bold making a subject or its surrounding seem 3 dimensional almost like a high-quality fantasy film though just as a steady shot.

Thereafter inspecting Elgola's work I decided to reach out to her. It was great that she had her email situated on her Instagram as it made it very easy for her clients or future clients like me to reach her. 
I sent an email just enquiring about her service, rates, along with her expectations; As there is not just one side to a process.

To my surprise that same day, A few hours later she had replied and everything went smoothly she was super lovely and guided me through what's to happen. I booked a date and she Picked the location and that was that. 
Please note some photographers would need you to pay up front to cover for travel expenses as well as to indicate that you are a serious client. But they also should be Very versatile with helping there clients, if their methods of payment can't be matched. E.g pay on the day or by paying instalments up until the day of the shoot.

Upon meeting Elgola; despite me being a tad bit late she was very positive and made it seem as though my lateness never happened. whilst on our way to our photography site (Lancaster gate posh houses) she spoke more about her work along with how the day will go as well as how she shoots her clients in more detail; this made it very easy for me to feel relaxed and confident within my later shoots as it gave me a sense of trust from her. 

whilst shooting we did a lot of motion shots, Elgola also encouraged me to smile as showing personality through a lens was vital and honestly, she was right! looking at the photo's now they look amazing!

Coming now to the end, I would have liked to involve tips on working with photographers but honestly, this would be a very long post and I doubt every blog reader likes to read...yes as crazy as it sounds it's also very true hence why some bloggers only upload pictures!

On the other hand; I would still like to upload a helpful post on this topic at a later date as I know many people have questions about the subject though as of now I feel that it's not right for me to give tips having just worked with only one photographer. though when I am more experienced; you guys will be the first to know! therefore, if your curious about photographers and working with them then do comment below and also follow me on 'Blog Lovin' or 'Instagram' to keep up with my future posts.


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