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Summer Boats & Florals!


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Get fit with Nutribuddy Breakfast Starter Kit!

'Start your day the right way with Nutribuddy'

Getting fit is always the right Idea and the Right choice to lead a healthy lifestyle, though finding the best fitness intake to fit with your fitness regime or body goals is the hard part! Luckily enough I came across Nutribuddy! with all products stating to be Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Soy-Free, low in calories, Vegan-Friendly, Sugar-Free, and all this with no preservatives whilst providing a fiber-active punch! it seemed like the way to go, therefore, I was very pleased to be gifted with Nutribuddy's Breakfast Starter Kit. This particular kit is great as an allrounder though it's aimed for starting your day the right way! whether your a busy working professional who is always on the go or if you're someone who starts their fitness regimes early and would like to follow it up with

a healthy breakfast, this kit would be perfect for you!

The Breakfast Kit comes as a 14 day supply, with a starting price of only £14.99! read on to see what comes inside:

  • Flavored protein shake powder which has an organic blend of oats, seeds, and coconut
  • Protein bottle shaker (comes in red of black)
  • Breakfast instant porridge 
  • Chia seed loose supplements
  • Flax seed loose supplements 
  • Desiccated Coconut 
  • measuring scoops

Personally, being a busy professional alway on the go I found that using the flavored protein powder

(chocolate flavored) along with my clear black bottle shaker (pictured above) was the best way for me to get all the nutrients I needed in the fastest way possible, it was even more enjoyable because of  the powder's natural blends which made the taste not as overpowering  as other protein powders.
below is a picture of how to make the shake, and I can assure that even you will say 'is that it!'

On the other hand as great as the shaker is, Nutribuddy offers much more!... such as their instant porridge which looks beautiful! but tastes even better when topped with Nutribuddy's loose Desiccated Coconut and Chia Seeds, along with any of your home fruits; below is a picture to help you get inspired with your Nutribuddy experience. 
though if you haven't as of yet received your Nutribuddy kit then just 'click here' to get started! 

To conclude, Nutribuddy may seem like just another protein powder out there but with its undeniable organic intake supplements and Nutri-blends, Nutribuddy is one of the best choices of intakes to choose! although depending on your body goals, Nutribuddy is suitable for all, but its more suitable for those who are active in yoga fitness, lean workouts, cardio, and general fitness consumers who are interested in receiving the healthiest nutrients possible.
The Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit tastes great and is a great contribution to any lifestyle, making it a personal win-win for me. Don't miss out on your chance to regain your life and body the right way! try any of nutribuddy's products by clicking here!

If you enjoyed reading this post or is thinking to try or have tried Nutribuddy's products it would be great to know, therefore, please leave your comments below! and be sure to follow the Blogger 'Ajia Croft' via her social media for updates and discount codes etc, many thanks!

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Zaful Wish List! Dress Formal Dress

For the past few years, Zaful has been a well-known name amongst us fashion lovers! they are one of the best online and highly reviewed retail stores to rise up through social media, and I for one am very happy to support the brand!

Below are some key pieces/items, that of which I have had my eyes on for the past week, especially now that summer is just around the corner I found Zaful to be the place to shop for the best spring/summer patterned trends and, personally, with my style ever evolving along with my age, these days I tend to swing more towards the more sophisticated and well put together looks that either has that slight poppiness or edge to them, and Zaful had just what I needed!... with their 'dress formal dress' which are stunningly beautiful! some come long draped, off the shoulders or even with that bodycon look that we all love! (Click here to view Zaful's dress formal dress) though to view all of my picks and perhaps to buy from my wish list you can simply click on the images below

Happy Shopping!

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Beauty standards & the women who are changing them

Related image

Beauty standards; it's a huge elephant in any room! it's constantly present anywhere you go, whether it be on the train, at your grocery store, cinema, dinner date, or even in the back of the minds of people who you first meet, but the main source of beauty standards is through our own societies high standards/opinions.

Throughout the years we've put impactful pressure on ourselves to look the part, allowing it to manifest in our careers, friendships, intimate relationships and even through the standards of others, as a society we have to stop caring and comparing ourselves to others, because they will never be in your shoes and you will never be in theirs the same way they have!...don't allow yourself to become self-critical and questionable! as in most cases, it only leads to depression and bad habits!...what happened to loving ourselves without any standards? knowing who we are and being free of what others think is the new beauty! 

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! what may be beautiful to you may be ugly to someone else, but having an open heart and mind is what makes you see beauty in all things. a tip to finding self-love and acceptance would be gazing into a mirror for hours, reminding yourself only of the positive things about your personality and facial features. if you do this every day before you hit the outside world of 'beauty standards' eg, on the train, at a bar, or via the media, am sure the so called beauty standards won't be able to bring your newly gained inner self-confidence down!

Below are a few pics of women who've changed and impacted beauty standards or has made it controversial for the better, take a peek!

 Kerry Washington

Winne Harlow    
Lindsey Wixson

Marilyn Monroe

Tyra Banks

 Naomi Campbell     

Other's notable:
  • Susan Boyle
  • Karolina Kurkova
  • Ruslana Korshunova
  • Edie Sedgwick
  • Cara Delevingne 
  • Alexa Chung

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How teeth whitening changed my life!

Rewinding time to when I was younger, I was teased for many things! one being my teeth, personally, I didn't take it to heart...why?...because that's just what us kids do, we tease each other for the fun of it! although having grown into my older and wiser self I've realized the things that people tease you about are the things that people notice first, and although what they say may not be true; it all falls under the laws of attraction. therefore lately I've made sure to have regular self-evaluations; to assess my life goals/plans, the ties of my personality traits, and confidence levels. in which recently I noticed that my confidence was being hugely hindered! it was because what people seem to notice about me the most was my smile, and as of late my smile wasn't as bright as it used to be! I must admit, though, that eating the amount of chocolate that I did really didn't help because now I smile with a closed mouth in order to hide my brittle and tinted yellow teeth.

At first I felt ashamed to admit it and therefore I prolonged the situation though the more I hid my insecurity, the more I felt less like myself, especially, with having depression and anxiety I felt that it wasn't healthy for me, as I started to shy away from conversating or even wearing my favourably bright lipsticks because they were brighter than my smile. though despite everything I was finally able to muster up some courage which made me determined to fix my problem, instead of seeing it as a downer I needed to see it as a mission/goal, therefore, thereafter coming to my realization I turned my thinking into a more positive outlook, thinking about getting my smile back only pushed me to want to change for the better.

Moving further down into my timeline, I had found myself watching one of my favorite Luxe YouTuber's called 'Maria Draganova', she spoke briefly on what she had done surgically or non-surgically and had mentioned/recommended a surgical clinic called 'Premier Laser Clinic', suddenly I felt the urge to check out their website, because I trusted Maria's Judgement due to her sweet personality and lifestyle. 

Woman Biting Brown Chocolate

My Initial thoughts whilst viewing the 'Premier Laser Clinic's' website was all positive, mainly because they had detailed information + direct prices shown, making it easier for me to budget on what I would like to have surgically done. upon viewing their website I came across their teeth whitening procedure which from first glance had me eager. their teeth whitening method uses 'Blue Fusion' which they state guarantees your teeth to be at least 4 shades whiter, it has also been raved by celebrities as the best teeth whitening method as it also contained no peroxide and aims to lift your teeth up to 8-16 shades, though dependent on the prior health of your teeth. having read all of the information that I needed to know, there was nothing left for me to do other than take the plunge and book my appointment with Premier Laser Clinic.

To conclude I was finally able to redeem my smile and through my smile, myself! just from getting teeth whitening, I now can wear my brightly colored lipsticks ( my favorites being 'Ruby Woo', 'Heroine' & 'Up The Amp' by MAC Cosmetics), I am more confident to be outspoken & extroverted instead of introverted and shy, its made it easier for me to also consider being in an intimate relationship, pursue my hobbies + much more, though I will spare you the bragging!...if you're someone who's stuck in a similar situation, honestly! it's not something to be ashamed of! getting teeth whitening is the same as waxing, getting a pedicure, or getting a cleanup from your dentist, it's all about self-maintenance, keeping yourself happy, confident, and youthful, knowingly now, please do take into consideration that nearly everyone gets it done! that is unless they were born into a perfect dentist family who didn't allow any sweets, which is highly unlikely. therefore gain your smile back like I did! its a win win for everyone but mainly for yourself.

If This post helped you anyway, it would be amazing to hear how you decided to get teeth whitening, or if your thinking of getting it done though is wary of anything, please get in touch by commenting down below! additionally, become a part of my blog by signing up to receive further posts from me or by following me via my other social media platforms which can be found at the top right-hand corner of this page. thanks for reading!


My Teeth Whitening Experience With Premier Laser Clinic

Premier Laser & Skin Clinic is one of London's leading laser skin treatment clinics specializing in skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, fat reduction and anything in between to regain a youthful appearance. they have numerous branches all over London making its services easily accessible for everyone within London. 

The Premier Laser Clinic also offers a highly reviewed teeth whitening method that's prior been used by the likes of 'Biffy Clyro' & soap stars from 'Hollyoaks' & 'The Only Way Is Essex!' the clinic uses a method called 'Blue Fusion' which is designed to decrease stubborn teeth stains and discoloration that you may get from smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee, in order to give you that whiter smile. 
Blue Fusion itself contains air pocket technology, used to deep clean within your teeth and remove stains, the product comes in a teeth tray in which you place around your teeth. it's colored blue because of its blue catalyst activating ingredients and along with the support of a LED light, you're within minutes able to achieve optimal teeth whitening results. the clinic offers two limited times to get your teeth whitened one being for fifteen minutes at the price of £89.00 and the other lasting thirty minutes at the price of £120.00, they've also recently added on a sixty minute treatment for the price of £200 (please note that you can only choose one or the other and cannot prolong your treatment time on the same day), personally, due to it being my first time I was cautious and went for the time period of fifteen minutes. 

Premier clinic states that their Teeth whitening 'Blue Fusion' can lift your teeth's shade up to 8 or even 16 shades depending on your teeth's health and color. though prior to my appointment with them I had gone to my dentist for a teeth cleanup/checkup in order to determine the health of my teeth which would help me also determine how long I would like my treatment to last. my dentist informed me that my teeth were healthy and therefore, even though the clinic stated that 'Blue Fusion' wasn't harming to the teeth due to it having no peroxides I also wanted to be cautious, therefore, I went along with shortening my teeth whitening treatment to fifteen minutes.

upon arrival to the clinic (Clapham Clinic), I was met by a beautiful and bubbly blonde, I say Blonde! because it was the only reference I have of her as I forgot to take note of her name. the lady was very sweet, down to earth, and made me feel very comfortable. after checking my details I was briefed within the treatment room about how the product worked and thereafter she gave me the teeth whitening tray to place into my mouth along with the LED light and because the treatment required no special doctors or specialists she had left the room and left me to maneuver the product how else I wanted to.

(Check out my experience visually below)

(Taken 24/03/17)

personally, I felt it to be a very lonely treatment, almost something that you can definitely do by yourself within your own home though due to Clinic's difference in their methods of teeth whitening I was pleased to have the experience with them.

After my fifteen minutes were up! I removed and binned the teeth whitening tray and washed the remaining product out from my mouth using a cup of water that the staff whom briefed me had left for me to rinse my mouth with. thereafter I reviewed my results by looking into the room's mirror. my initial thoughts were wow! but I also felt that an extra fifteen minutes would have done the trick!

Please note that Premier Clinics teeth whitening results depends on your teeth shade prior as well as your teeth's health, though the staff who had briefed me also recommended that Thirty minutes was best. though personally, after having the fifteen minutes treatment my tooth's shade was only lifted 2-3 shades up, it left some parts still tinted yellow and some parts with specs of white. the staff said that it will whiten after a day as there sometimes will be a blue coat covering your teeth because of the blue catalyst activator, though after days of my treatment my teeth has remained 2-3 shades whiter but no more than its initial results.

to conclude I feel that it was a good first experience, the staff were lovely and the results weren't too bad, though if you're someone who would like to try Premier Clinic's Blue Fusion Teeth whitening treatment, then definitely go for the thirty minutes time period no matter the shade of your teeth prior, as they state your teeth to achieve up to 8-16 shades whiter though with my treatment I only received 2-3 shades. I plan to revisit the clinic in the near future and try the staff's recommended thirty minutes treatment as I believe it would show me more of an optimal result. the clinic also offers other great treatments in which I am also looking forward to getting, such as the 'Fat Dissolving Injections' which is new and soon to come to the clinic; great for getting rid of that pesky back fat that most of us women find hard to get rid off. 

If you've had your teeth whitened or is thinking of having it done please leave comments below and lets all talk about it, many people feel ashamed to feel the need to have their teeth whitened and I was one of them! though having gone through with the treatment, there's really nothing to fear! 


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Snazzy spring/summer trends 2017

Woman Wearing Yellow Purple and Blue Flower Hair Clipper

The spring/summer trends are out! and there not looking too shabby either.

Recapping last year's spring fashion trends of 2016 we experienced, the off the shoulder Bar-dot tops, wide-legged culottes/trousers, under lace clothing, ruffles and suede, though for this spring 2017, fashion designers and brands have been focusing more on accentuating block colors, trench coats, oversized jumpers, striped material, suits, and denim whilst up-selling last spring's popular sellers such as the 'off the shoulder' look by adding their own flair. personally, this year seems to be all about empowerment! wearing over-sized unisex clothing will broaden the minds of many who are fearful of matters regarding genders and same-sex relations, additionally, women wearing this spring's sleek suits will cause for a provocation in today's society, as showcasing women in a more sophisticated way, will challenge the divide of men and women,
though with all yet to come here are some inspirational pictures (shown below) of what this spring/summer 2017 fashion trends will look like.

Fashion's obsession with shoulders rages on, manifesting itself in strategically placed cutouts for maximum impact.
Left to Right: CG, Monse, Hellessy, Vetements, Tibi
Source: ELLE, from left to right: CG, Monse, Hellessy, Vetements, Tibi

It's been said that one of the sexiest areas of a women's body is her shoulders, therefore, designers have been tweaking the off the shoulder fashion look. be sure to expect over-sized, deconstructed, bell cuff shirts with a revealing cut out.

Interesting waistlines and unexpected hemlines add oomph to simple white shirt dresses. Pick up a bunch of these to add to your workwear rotation. 
Left to Right: Rag & Bone, Lie Sangbong, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Banana Republic, DKNY
Source: ELLE from left to right: Rag & Bone, Lie Sangbong, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Banana Republic, DKNY

This spring trend see's many stores stocked with dynamic and fresh white clothing, though if white doesn't appeal to your taste, then why not act as a canvas and throw on some accessories to spice up the look! the color white may seem plain and boring but its also a simple way to look well put together and sophisticated.


Feeling bright? then let your inner sunshine out as this spring is beaming with colorful clothing! whether your retro, 60's or 80's, designers have got you covered. wearing colorful clothing will be a contrast from this spring's white clothing, although its up to you which one you like better?

Model: Hailey Baldwin

Get snazzy in this spring's biggest trend! celebrities such as the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin have been sporting denim on top of denim as well as embellished denim, the look normally seen with a cuffed ankle or frayed ends will be the statement of this years spring, therefore, be sure to cop yourself a pair of denim as they are selling fast! high street stores such as Levi or Topshop has a great range of denim trousers to offer at a reasonable price. 

Source: Vogue

Mules, Minature Heels, and Sling backs, are the perfect shoes for all occasions this spring. 

Source: InStyle, from left to right: Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Sacai

Have something to say?...this spring's labeled clothing will do all the talking for you! bring out your inner sass and exude confidence.

Source: Instyle, from left to right: Rodarte, Chanel, Dior

Tough love is on the cards this spring! cute fashion wear has been peered with an edge, expect strong collars and embellished hats.

Source: Instyle, from left to right: Marni, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney

A non uniformed street style is now the appeal! expect to see over sized boxy, masculine outerwear with plenty of pockets, additionally, big bags, huge earrings and lengthy necklaces will also be on the scene.

There are many fashion trends this spring 2017, and regardless, their is something suitable for everyone as each style looks amazing!... though which style you choose is up to you!

If you enjoyed this post be sure to let me know which style you like the most down below in the comment section! also don't forget to keep up to date with me via my social media, all links can be found at the top right hand corner of this page, much appreciated! 


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Get A Free Hair Color Testing With Matrix Color Lounge

Model wears:

Matrix is a sole hair care and hair color company located in the USA, apart of Loreal's professional product Divison. working with loreal has led the company to become a leading force in hair care, giving them the chance to branch out worldwide.

Matrix has now also released their very own hair care and hair coloring app named 'Matrix Color Lounge', the app is available in any app store targeting consumers who may perhaps want to try a new hair color without it being permanent or to salon hair professionals who may want to put their clients mind at ease before they take the plunge, or to recommend hair care products, and showcase hair coloring techniques.

Personally having used the app to test different hair colors on myself, I feel that it's an app to be reckoned with. In depth the Matrix app lets you upload your own photo to their app, thereafter it allows you to add a 'hair selection mask' the hair selection mask is a brush tool effect that lets you highlight an area of hair you would like to cover with color. having added your hair mask the app then moves you on to choosing the color you wish to work with. 

personally, I chose the color blue (Soboost Blue), although blue is my all time favorite color, it's a color that I also wouldn't be able to achieve realistically unless I bleached my hair, though because I have fine hair I was always reluctant and cautious to the damages bleaching my fine hair would incur therefore being able to visually have my hair blue without it being permanent or real made it aesthetically life changing to have an app like this. 
the final steps to the app is its coloring techniques, you can choose from styles such as an ombre, block color, or highlights etc, Additionally, the app comes with a catalog of other hair care products and advice on how to maintain your hair, it's the perfect app for those looking to test out a new hair color without breaking the bank or having a disastrous salon experience, even if you wish to not go professional the app colors are available at any of your local beauty store such as 'Superdrug' and 'Boots' as Loreal also distributes the matrix's product line, allowing you to be your own hair stylist.

Download the app now, it's free! and if you've tried it, let me know how it was for you down below in the comment section as it was amazing for me, below are some of my results from using the app.

Model wears:


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Testing the iPhone 7 plus for street fashion

Macbook Pro Beside Brown Glass Candle Holder and Space Gray Iphone 6 on Brown Wooden Table
The other day I went out with the intent to test my new iPhone 7 Plus, having seen many reviews on the product to now owning one I thought why not give you all my review on the apple's newest phone. I wanted to test it by taking pictures of street fashion, because my blog also caters to street style, though upon this day it was extremely rainy, therefore, I wasn't able to accumulate as many shots as I would for a street style post, nor would I be able to create a separate post for the review itself. another downfall would have been the picture quality as it depends on many factors and a big one was light! and because London is gloomy almost every day, this day, in particular, wasn't any different! therefore I've decided to comply the two together. 

Firstly, to begin with, I'll tell you the specifications of my phone, having done much research prior to buying the phone I decided to buy the iPhone 7 Plus as it's said to have a dual camera that adds bokeh to an image. the other main features were the Storage memory since its internal memory has now been upgraded from a 16GB to a 32GB. the phone also doesn't have the normal 3.5mm headphone jack, as Apple felt it would be best removed in order to create more space for e.g its upgraded memory. personally, I decided to go with the Matt black, 128GB memory phone. (please note that the dual camera bokeh effect is only offered on the iPhone 7 plus).

I got the Matt black because of its sophistication, also because of the non-visible finger touch smears that you would get on the jet black shiny gloss finished phone. Secondly I got the 128GB because whilst doing my researched I found that the loading speed on the 32GB (internal memory that comes with all new iPhone's) is much slower than if I was to get a phone with a larger GB space, and because am trying to be a social savvy blogger and content creator in general I will need all the uploading speed as possible for pictures, video's, apps, and emails. 

Thirdly I got the iPhone 7 Plus mainly because it has the 12-megapixel dual camera and background blur effects with recording video up to 4K in which for me is an offer I couldn't refuse, surely it's a lot more expensive but it's worth it. and if you're a content creator like me and or a vlogger but can't bring or don't have a high-level DSLR camera with you, then this camera is a life saver. 

To see whether this camera is for you or could be a great substitute for your DSLR, I have included (below) a few non-edited pictures of street fashion photo's that I have captured on the iPhone 7 Plus, hopefully, it'll give you an example of how it looks!

                     (who wore this?)          

                        (Who wore this?)                

                        (Who wore this?)                                                            (Find this here!)        

Additional links:

So is this the phone for you? Personally, I am happy with it, though my only complaint is... sometimes the images seem a tad bit grainy, it might just be my phone or it may be that I need to adjust the camera settings, either way, it looks great and works well for me. as for the Phone size/screen, I found it to be a decent size as I have very long fingers therefore it feels well adjusted and grip-able in my hands, the plus side of having the large screen is that it helps me to see all the details in photo's and video's when I am editing via my phone instead of my PC, it's also great for watching movies and drama series so to me this phone is a plus (minus the pun!). to conclude do let me know in the comment section if you have this phone as well as and how it's going for you!


Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to be naked and confident

Many people envy those who are confident within their own skins! The people who wear sheer blouses and no bra or extra short skirts because they have amazingly toned legs. But what many people don't realize is that the more they look up to the confident others, the more it becomes harder for them to see their own potential. 

Being naked and confident is simply learning to love the skin your in! Thereafter, you too can wear those sheer blouses or nothing at all! although; personally, I have realized that for most people it's getting the motivation that stops them from reaching their goals, therefore within this post I will give you a few of my own personal tips and tricks that helped me gain that confidence you've always wanted! to find out more, just keep reading!

People watching?

Man in Sweater in Greyscale Photograph

Simply not people watching is a start! people watching is often quite bad for your self-esteem, mainly because you're constantly comparing yourself and trying to be like others you envy when in reality you can never be that person and nor can they be you, everyone in the world is made to be different therefore the sooner you find your stripes the better! personally, I have been a victim of this but I also enjoy looking at myself and appreciating what I have, therefore I have no problem admiring others too, hence why I am comfortable enough to share how you too can become confident within your own skin.

Working out!

Working out is a key factor to adoring the skin you're in, not only are you able to lose a few stones, pounds, or inches, but it also releases endorphins which help towards making you feel great about yourself. 

To achieve a healthy balance, you will need to treat your body with Tender love and care by eating healthier. going healthier doesn't necessarily mean that you become a vegan or a complete herbivore it just means that you try to add a few more greens to your plate than normal as well as having a conscious mind, but not a guilty one if you do get a sweet tooth as getting healthy can only happen if you don't feel forced and trapped because most likely you'll become stressed and stress equals to comfort eating which is never a good outcome.

Evaluate yourself!

Another way to reach your goal is by watching your evolution, get all your picture books from your past to present, and simply admire yourself! remember all the amazing times you had, all the scars you gained, look at all the silly little poses you did, and soon enough you'll come to realize what makes you who you are today! the reason why this works is because recognizing the true you will make you stronger within yourself, you'll finally be abolishing all those fears of being critiqued or your thoughts of not being worthy of love, as know one would know you better than you know yourself!...right?

Love the skin your in!

Topless Woman Closing Her Eyes

If you can't wear that sheer blouse and no bra then why bother? rip it all off! and if you're not confident enough to show others then why not show yourself! pick a day when no one is home, play your favorite music to get you in the mood then sing for hours in the shower, then when your out...wait a little before you get dressed in the mirror, doing your hair or makeup before getting dressed is a great distraction though to reap the benefits, when you gaze into your mirror you will need to become your own yes man/gal! uplifting yourself and seeing you for what you are will boost your confidence through the roof! just a little bit of admiration before your day begins will set you off on the right path. even ditching your PJ's whilst you sleep, self-consciously will make you feel great!...try it!

Nudity & sex!

Nudity! everybody secretly loves it but never fronts it! 
Being naked in front of your partner is everyone's nightmare, men and women fear it! 
but how I like to approach it is by seeing it as fashion/art, my skin and everything that comes with me is a piece of art uniquely engraved within and even being able to touch such art would be immense even for the fashion designer/artist. though if your not as sappy or narcissistic as myself then simply confront your partner, be assertive yet  playful about the matter because most likely his or her's response would be 'no one's perfect' the sooner you realize it the more you can enjoy each other. as I stated above 'men and women fear it!' therefore your not alone. finding love from within or with someone else really can make you feel just that little more content.

You are what you wear!

Woman in Black and White Floral Tattoo

Be bold in what you choose to wear! simply invest in a new wardrobe and become who you want to be instead of watching those you envy! by replacing the old clothes with the new you.

Many people don't realize it, but clothing plays a huge part in becoming sexually appealing to oneself, depending on its fit it can make you and others around you feel nostalgic and intimate. understanding how clothes can bring out many sides to you can determine what day you'll have, its an instinct that no one can really explain but when you have it right you'll feel right! hence why girls are happy to wear such daring clothes, even the utmost shyest of girls will find themselves in something they wouldn't have dreamt of wearing once in their lives, because no one can resist something they like.

Girls and men who find confidence within themselves don't have to think twice about what to wear or what looks best on them because they know what they like! they'll wear extravagant garments to please themselves. the lesson here is that it's important to know who you are in order to pull anything off! it's also great for taking on criticism from those around you who may be strangers or close friends.

Additionally, it's key to understand that fashion isn't a cover up as is makeup, it should only be a mere expression of who you are, an incentive for revealing one's true self through a specific style whilst being true and confident about it. onlookers may challenge you because they may feel it's a cover up though when you've rightfully earned your confidence you'll have the know how's to their why's and the confidence to tell it like it is! therefore if you want to be confident and independent you also have to understand what fits you best.

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