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How to be naked and confident

Many people envy those who are confident within their own skins! The people who wear sheer blouses and no bra or extra short skirts because they have amazingly toned legs. But what many people don't realize is that the more they look up to the confident others, the more it becomes harder for them to see their own potential. 

Being naked and confident is simply learning to love the skin your in! Thereafter, you too can wear those sheer blouses or nothing at all! although; personally, I have realized that for most people it's getting the motivation that stops them from reaching their goals, therefore within this post I will give you a few of my own personal tips and tricks that helped me gain that confidence you've always wanted! to find out more, just keep reading!

People watching?

Man in Sweater in Greyscale Photograph

Simply not people watching is a start! people watching is often quite bad for your self-esteem, mainly because you're constantly comparing yourself and trying to be like others you envy when in reality you can never be that person and nor can they be you, everyone in the world is made to be different therefore the sooner you find your stripes the better! personally, I have been a victim of this but I also enjoy looking at myself and appreciating what I have, therefore I have no problem admiring others too, hence why I am comfortable enough to share how you too can become confident within your own skin.

Working out!

Working out is a key factor to adoring the skin you're in, not only are you able to lose a few stones, pounds, or inches, but it also releases endorphins which help towards making you feel great about yourself. 

To achieve a healthy balance, you will need to treat your body with Tender love and care by eating healthier. going healthier doesn't necessarily mean that you become a vegan or a complete herbivore it just means that you try to add a few more greens to your plate than normal as well as having a conscious mind, but not a guilty one if you do get a sweet tooth as getting healthy can only happen if you don't feel forced and trapped because most likely you'll become stressed and stress equals to comfort eating which is never a good outcome.

Evaluate yourself!

Another way to reach your goal is by watching your evolution, get all your picture books from your past to present, and simply admire yourself! remember all the amazing times you had, all the scars you gained, look at all the silly little poses you did, and soon enough you'll come to realize what makes you who you are today! the reason why this works is because recognizing the true you will make you stronger within yourself, you'll finally be abolishing all those fears of being critiqued or your thoughts of not being worthy of love, as know one would know you better than you know yourself!...right?

Love the skin your in!

Topless Woman Closing Her Eyes

If you can't wear that sheer blouse and no bra then why bother? rip it all off! and if you're not confident enough to show others then why not show yourself! pick a day when no one is home, play your favorite music to get you in the mood then sing for hours in the shower, then when your out...wait a little before you get dressed in the mirror, doing your hair or makeup before getting dressed is a great distraction though to reap the benefits, when you gaze into your mirror you will need to become your own yes man/gal! uplifting yourself and seeing you for what you are will boost your confidence through the roof! just a little bit of admiration before your day begins will set you off on the right path. even ditching your PJ's whilst you sleep, self-consciously will make you feel great!...try it!

Nudity & sex!

Nudity! everybody secretly loves it but never fronts it! 
Being naked in front of your partner is everyone's nightmare, men and women fear it! 
but how I like to approach it is by seeing it as fashion/art, my skin and everything that comes with me is a piece of art uniquely engraved within and even being able to touch such art would be immense even for the fashion designer/artist. though if your not as sappy or narcissistic as myself then simply confront your partner, be assertive yet  playful about the matter because most likely his or her's response would be 'no one's perfect' the sooner you realize it the more you can enjoy each other. as I stated above 'men and women fear it!' therefore your not alone. finding love from within or with someone else really can make you feel just that little more content.

You are what you wear!

Woman in Black and White Floral Tattoo

Be bold in what you choose to wear! simply invest in a new wardrobe and become who you want to be instead of watching those you envy! by replacing the old clothes with the new you.

Many people don't realize it, but clothing plays a huge part in becoming sexually appealing to oneself, depending on its fit it can make you and others around you feel nostalgic and intimate. understanding how clothes can bring out many sides to you can determine what day you'll have, its an instinct that no one can really explain but when you have it right you'll feel right! hence why girls are happy to wear such daring clothes, even the utmost shyest of girls will find themselves in something they wouldn't have dreamt of wearing once in their lives, because no one can resist something they like.

Girls and men who find confidence within themselves don't have to think twice about what to wear or what looks best on them because they know what they like! they'll wear extravagant garments to please themselves. the lesson here is that it's important to know who you are in order to pull anything off! it's also great for taking on criticism from those around you who may be strangers or close friends.

Additionally, it's key to understand that fashion isn't a cover up as is makeup, it should only be a mere expression of who you are, an incentive for revealing one's true self through a specific style whilst being true and confident about it. onlookers may challenge you because they may feel it's a cover up though when you've rightfully earned your confidence you'll have the know how's to their why's and the confidence to tell it like it is! therefore if you want to be confident and independent you also have to understand what fits you best.


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  1. Love the inspirations except the exercise thing, no matter what i do, I'm so lazy to exercise. Keep inspiring others ^^


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