Thursday, 2 February 2017

Testing the iPhone 7 plus for street fashion

Macbook Pro Beside Brown Glass Candle Holder and Space Gray Iphone 6 on Brown Wooden Table
The other day I went out with the intent to test my new iPhone 7 Plus, having seen many reviews on the product to now owning one I thought why not give you all my review on the apple's newest phone. I wanted to test it by taking pictures of street fashion, because my blog also caters to street style, though upon this day it was extremely rainy, therefore, I wasn't able to accumulate as many shots as I would for a street style post, nor would I be able to create a separate post for the review itself. another downfall would have been the picture quality as it depends on many factors and a big one was light! and because London is gloomy almost every day, this day, in particular, wasn't any different! therefore I've decided to comply the two together. 

Firstly, to begin with, I'll tell you the specifications of my phone, having done much research prior to buying the phone I decided to buy the iPhone 7 Plus as it's said to have a dual camera that adds bokeh to an image. the other main features were the Storage memory since its internal memory has now been upgraded from a 16GB to a 32GB. the phone also doesn't have the normal 3.5mm headphone jack, as Apple felt it would be best removed in order to create more space for e.g its upgraded memory. personally, I decided to go with the Matt black, 128GB memory phone. (please note that the dual camera bokeh effect is only offered on the iPhone 7 plus).

I got the Matt black because of its sophistication, also because of the non-visible finger touch smears that you would get on the jet black shiny gloss finished phone. Secondly I got the 128GB because whilst doing my researched I found that the loading speed on the 32GB (internal memory that comes with all new iPhone's) is much slower than if I was to get a phone with a larger GB space, and because am trying to be a social savvy blogger and content creator in general I will need all the uploading speed as possible for pictures, video's, apps, and emails. 

Thirdly I got the iPhone 7 Plus mainly because it has the 12-megapixel dual camera and background blur effects with recording video up to 4K in which for me is an offer I couldn't refuse, surely it's a lot more expensive but it's worth it. and if you're a content creator like me and or a vlogger but can't bring or don't have a high-level DSLR camera with you, then this camera is a life saver. 

To see whether this camera is for you or could be a great substitute for your DSLR, I have included (below) a few non-edited pictures of street fashion photo's that I have captured on the iPhone 7 Plus, hopefully, it'll give you an example of how it looks!

                     (who wore this?)          

                        (Who wore this?)                

                        (Who wore this?)                                                            (Find this here!)        

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So is this the phone for you? Personally, I am happy with it, though my only complaint is... sometimes the images seem a tad bit grainy, it might just be my phone or it may be that I need to adjust the camera settings, either way, it looks great and works well for me. as for the Phone size/screen, I found it to be a decent size as I have very long fingers therefore it feels well adjusted and grip-able in my hands, the plus side of having the large screen is that it helps me to see all the details in photo's and video's when I am editing via my phone instead of my PC, it's also great for watching movies and drama series so to me this phone is a plus (minus the pun!). to conclude do let me know in the comment section if you have this phone as well as and how it's going for you!


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