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Snazzy spring/summer trends 2017

Woman Wearing Yellow Purple and Blue Flower Hair Clipper

The spring/summer trends are out! and there not looking too shabby either.

Recapping last year's spring fashion trends of 2016 we experienced, the off the shoulder Bar-dot tops, wide-legged culottes/trousers, under lace clothing, ruffles and suede, though for this spring 2017, fashion designers and brands have been focusing more on accentuating block colors, trench coats, oversized jumpers, striped material, suits, and denim whilst up-selling last spring's popular sellers such as the 'off the shoulder' look by adding their own flair. personally, this year seems to be all about empowerment! wearing over-sized unisex clothing will broaden the minds of many who are fearful of matters regarding genders and same-sex relations, additionally, women wearing this spring's sleek suits will cause for a provocation in today's society, as showcasing women in a more sophisticated way, will challenge the divide of men and women,
though with all yet to come here are some inspirational pictures (shown below) of what this spring/summer 2017 fashion trends will look like.

Fashion's obsession with shoulders rages on, manifesting itself in strategically placed cutouts for maximum impact.
Left to Right: CG, Monse, Hellessy, Vetements, Tibi
Source: ELLE, from left to right: CG, Monse, Hellessy, Vetements, Tibi

It's been said that one of the sexiest areas of a women's body is her shoulders, therefore, designers have been tweaking the off the shoulder fashion look. be sure to expect over-sized, deconstructed, bell cuff shirts with a revealing cut out.

Interesting waistlines and unexpected hemlines add oomph to simple white shirt dresses. Pick up a bunch of these to add to your workwear rotation. 
Left to Right: Rag & Bone, Lie Sangbong, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Banana Republic, DKNY
Source: ELLE from left to right: Rag & Bone, Lie Sangbong, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Banana Republic, DKNY

This spring trend see's many stores stocked with dynamic and fresh white clothing, though if white doesn't appeal to your taste, then why not act as a canvas and throw on some accessories to spice up the look! the color white may seem plain and boring but its also a simple way to look well put together and sophisticated.


Feeling bright? then let your inner sunshine out as this spring is beaming with colorful clothing! whether your retro, 60's or 80's, designers have got you covered. wearing colorful clothing will be a contrast from this spring's white clothing, although its up to you which one you like better?

Model: Hailey Baldwin

Get snazzy in this spring's biggest trend! celebrities such as the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin have been sporting denim on top of denim as well as embellished denim, the look normally seen with a cuffed ankle or frayed ends will be the statement of this years spring, therefore, be sure to cop yourself a pair of denim as they are selling fast! high street stores such as Levi or Topshop has a great range of denim trousers to offer at a reasonable price. 

Source: Vogue

Mules, Minature Heels, and Sling backs, are the perfect shoes for all occasions this spring. 

Source: InStyle, from left to right: Christian Dior, Stella McCartney, Sacai

Have something to say?...this spring's labeled clothing will do all the talking for you! bring out your inner sass and exude confidence.

Source: Instyle, from left to right: Rodarte, Chanel, Dior

Tough love is on the cards this spring! cute fashion wear has been peered with an edge, expect strong collars and embellished hats.

Source: Instyle, from left to right: Marni, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney

A non uniformed street style is now the appeal! expect to see over sized boxy, masculine outerwear with plenty of pockets, additionally, big bags, huge earrings and lengthy necklaces will also be on the scene.

There are many fashion trends this spring 2017, and regardless, their is something suitable for everyone as each style looks amazing!... though which style you choose is up to you!

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Get A Free Hair Color Testing With Matrix Color Lounge

Model wears:

Matrix is a sole hair care and hair color company located in the USA, apart of Loreal's professional product Divison. working with loreal has led the company to become a leading force in hair care, giving them the chance to branch out worldwide.

Matrix has now also released their very own hair care and hair coloring app named 'Matrix Color Lounge', the app is available in any app store targeting consumers who may perhaps want to try a new hair color without it being permanent or to salon hair professionals who may want to put their clients mind at ease before they take the plunge, or to recommend hair care products, and showcase hair coloring techniques.

Personally having used the app to test different hair colors on myself, I feel that it's an app to be reckoned with. In depth the Matrix app lets you upload your own photo to their app, thereafter it allows you to add a 'hair selection mask' the hair selection mask is a brush tool effect that lets you highlight an area of hair you would like to cover with color. having added your hair mask the app then moves you on to choosing the color you wish to work with. 

personally, I chose the color blue (Soboost Blue), although blue is my all time favorite color, it's a color that I also wouldn't be able to achieve realistically unless I bleached my hair, though because I have fine hair I was always reluctant and cautious to the damages bleaching my fine hair would incur therefore being able to visually have my hair blue without it being permanent or real made it aesthetically life changing to have an app like this. 
the final steps to the app is its coloring techniques, you can choose from styles such as an ombre, block color, or highlights etc, Additionally, the app comes with a catalog of other hair care products and advice on how to maintain your hair, it's the perfect app for those looking to test out a new hair color without breaking the bank or having a disastrous salon experience, even if you wish to not go professional the app colors are available at any of your local beauty store such as 'Superdrug' and 'Boots' as Loreal also distributes the matrix's product line, allowing you to be your own hair stylist.

Download the app now, it's free! and if you've tried it, let me know how it was for you down below in the comment section as it was amazing for me, below are some of my results from using the app.

Model wears:

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