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My Teeth Whitening Experience With Premier Laser Clinic

Premier Laser & Skin Clinic is one of London's leading laser skin treatment clinics specializing in skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, fat reduction and anything in between to regain a youthful appearance. they have numerous branches all over London making its services easily accessible for everyone within London. 

The Premier Laser Clinic also offers a highly reviewed teeth whitening method that's prior been used by the likes of 'Biffy Clyro' & soap stars from 'Hollyoaks' & 'The Only Way Is Essex!' the clinic uses a method called 'Blue Fusion' which is designed to decrease stubborn teeth stains and discoloration that you may get from smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee, in order to give you that whiter smile. 
Blue Fusion itself contains air pocket technology, used to deep clean within your teeth and remove stains, the product comes in a teeth tray in which you place around your teeth. it's colored blue because of its blue catalyst activating ingredients and along with the support of a LED light, you're within minutes able to achieve optimal teeth whitening results. the clinic offers two limited times to get your teeth whitened one being for fifteen minutes at the price of £89.00 and the other lasting thirty minutes at the price of £120.00, they've also recently added on a sixty minute treatment for the price of £200 (please note that you can only choose one or the other and cannot prolong your treatment time on the same day), personally, due to it being my first time I was cautious and went for the time period of fifteen minutes. 

Premier clinic states that their Teeth whitening 'Blue Fusion' can lift your teeth's shade up to 8 or even 16 shades depending on your teeth's health and color. though prior to my appointment with them I had gone to my dentist for a teeth cleanup/checkup in order to determine the health of my teeth which would help me also determine how long I would like my treatment to last. my dentist informed me that my teeth were healthy and therefore, even though the clinic stated that 'Blue Fusion' wasn't harming to the teeth due to it having no peroxides I also wanted to be cautious, therefore, I went along with shortening my teeth whitening treatment to fifteen minutes.

upon arrival to the clinic (Clapham Clinic), I was met by a beautiful and bubbly blonde, I say Blonde! because it was the only reference I have of her as I forgot to take note of her name. the lady was very sweet, down to earth, and made me feel very comfortable. after checking my details I was briefed within the treatment room about how the product worked and thereafter she gave me the teeth whitening tray to place into my mouth along with the LED light and because the treatment required no special doctors or specialists she had left the room and left me to maneuver the product how else I wanted to.

(Check out my experience visually below)

(Taken 24/03/17)

personally, I felt it to be a very lonely treatment, almost something that you can definitely do by yourself within your own home though due to Clinic's difference in their methods of teeth whitening I was pleased to have the experience with them.

After my fifteen minutes were up! I removed and binned the teeth whitening tray and washed the remaining product out from my mouth using a cup of water that the staff whom briefed me had left for me to rinse my mouth with. thereafter I reviewed my results by looking into the room's mirror. my initial thoughts were wow! but I also felt that an extra fifteen minutes would have done the trick!

Please note that Premier Clinics teeth whitening results depends on your teeth shade prior as well as your teeth's health, though the staff who had briefed me also recommended that Thirty minutes was best. though personally, after having the fifteen minutes treatment my tooth's shade was only lifted 2-3 shades up, it left some parts still tinted yellow and some parts with specs of white. the staff said that it will whiten after a day as there sometimes will be a blue coat covering your teeth because of the blue catalyst activator, though after days of my treatment my teeth has remained 2-3 shades whiter but no more than its initial results.

to conclude I feel that it was a good first experience, the staff were lovely and the results weren't too bad, though if you're someone who would like to try Premier Clinic's Blue Fusion Teeth whitening treatment, then definitely go for the thirty minutes time period no matter the shade of your teeth prior, as they state your teeth to achieve up to 8-16 shades whiter though with my treatment I only received 2-3 shades. I plan to revisit the clinic in the near future and try the staff's recommended thirty minutes treatment as I believe it would show me more of an optimal result. the clinic also offers other great treatments in which I am also looking forward to getting, such as the 'Fat Dissolving Injections' which is new and soon to come to the clinic; great for getting rid of that pesky back fat that most of us women find hard to get rid off. 

If you've had your teeth whitened or is thinking of having it done please leave comments below and lets all talk about it, many people feel ashamed to feel the need to have their teeth whitened and I was one of them! though having gone through with the treatment, there's really nothing to fear! 


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