Thursday, 4 May 2017

Get fit with Nutribuddy Breakfast Starter Kit!

'Start your day the right way with Nutribuddy'

Getting fit is always the right Idea and the Right choice to lead a healthy lifestyle, though finding the best fitness intake to fit with your fitness regime or body goals is the hard part! Luckily enough I came across Nutribuddy! with all products stating to be Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Soy-Free, low in calories, Vegan-Friendly, Sugar-Free, and all this with no preservatives whilst providing a fiber-active punch! it seemed like the way to go, therefore, I was very pleased to be gifted with Nutribuddy's Breakfast Starter Kit. This particular kit is great as an allrounder though it's aimed for starting your day the right way! whether your a busy working professional who is always on the go or if you're someone who starts their fitness regimes early and would like to follow it up with

a healthy breakfast, this kit would be perfect for you!

The Breakfast Kit comes as a 14 day supply, with a starting price of only £14.99! read on to see what comes inside:

  • Flavored protein shake powder which has an organic blend of oats, seeds, and coconut
  • Protein bottle shaker (comes in red of black)
  • Breakfast instant porridge 
  • Chia seed loose supplements
  • Flax seed loose supplements 
  • Desiccated Coconut 
  • measuring scoops

Personally, being a busy professional alway on the go I found that using the flavored protein powder

(chocolate flavored) along with my clear black bottle shaker (pictured above) was the best way for me to get all the nutrients I needed in the fastest way possible, it was even more enjoyable because of  the powder's natural blends which made the taste not as overpowering  as other protein powders.
below is a picture of how to make the shake, and I can assure that even you will say 'is that it!'

On the other hand as great as the shaker is, Nutribuddy offers much more!... such as their instant porridge which looks beautiful! but tastes even better when topped with Nutribuddy's loose Desiccated Coconut and Chia Seeds, along with any of your home fruits; below is a picture to help you get inspired with your Nutribuddy experience. 
though if you haven't as of yet received your Nutribuddy kit then just 'click here' to get started! 

To conclude, Nutribuddy may seem like just another protein powder out there but with its undeniable organic intake supplements and Nutri-blends, Nutribuddy is one of the best choices of intakes to choose! although depending on your body goals, Nutribuddy is suitable for all, but its more suitable for those who are active in yoga fitness, lean workouts, cardio, and general fitness consumers who are interested in receiving the healthiest nutrients possible.
The Nutribuddy Breakfast Kit tastes great and is a great contribution to any lifestyle, making it a personal win-win for me. Don't miss out on your chance to regain your life and body the right way! try any of nutribuddy's products by clicking here!

If you enjoyed reading this post or is thinking to try or have tried Nutribuddy's products it would be great to know, therefore, please leave your comments below! and be sure to follow the Blogger 'Ajia Croft' via her social media for updates and discount codes etc, many thanks!

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