Monday, 3 July 2017

Summer Boats & Florals!

It's just days shy of June and with my windows still cold and drizzled wet by rain, I thought London would never see a day of light! then, suddenly, mid June came and summer finally arrived. I was ready but not quite as my closet lacked a bit of life; I had forgotten about my new love for black, which was a shame because now the sun's come back, there's simply no time for that!... summer is all about feeling bright and fun, it's almost like the feeling you get when you say 'what happens in vegas stays in vegas' although this time your not in Vegas. anyways I was lucky! thanks to zaful, my wish list came true! I was sent two items from my 'Zaful Wishlist', one being an 'off The Shoulder Floral Dress' and the other a 'High Waisted Bikini'  they were both floral and personally screamed summer ready! not to sound warped with conceitedness, but I was very happy with receiving the items, upon trying on the items my besottedness turned into a seesaw motion and although quick, my sudden shift of moodswing was in reason because the material of the bikini's bra strap were shedding and the clasps were improper so much that I didn't even know how to close it, as for the dress it was a beaut! the only downfall was its elasticity, as the 'off the shoulder' part of the dress seemed a bit loose but due to it being an over the seas item I figured that the mishap was down to the sizing charts never being 100% accurate, therefore, regardless of the downfalls, personally for me there were more up's, even just being able to work with Zaful was amazing! they were very easy going and kept communication regularly which made the process an easy one, you should definately try Zaful too!


Thanks for reading! be sure to check out Zaful's website here and my Zaful wishlist found here
Additionally, feel free to comment down below, perhaps you've owned a Zaful item before?

Links to items found here: 

  • Off Shoulder Printed BodyCon Dress
  • Printed High Waisted Vintage Underwire Bikini Set
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