Sunday, 16 December 2018

Does Fashion Play a part in attraction?

Although you can find love in many places thanks to the ever-evolving digital age and apps such as Tinder or Bumble there's also the olden ways like the random eye contact with a stranger in a bar and suddenly slowly throughout the night you somehow end up together? well its almost the same as what most of us do and that's saying 'it was love at first sight' but unless you're in the moment or unless your the one stuck in this lust chant most of us on the outside are very sceptical, though could there be some underlying reason for why and how we feel attracted to someone at first sight?

there's no doubt that as girls we are drawn to pretty things such as a guy with big bold eyes or a slight feminine feature such as beautiful long eyelashes or soft hands, the things we see and base our infatuation are endless but there is one thing that is proven to allure us.

 What a guy wears plays a key part in attraction it lets us know whether we are compatible without having to get to know a guy first. the reason is that fashion is a way of expression, the way you style and mix colours shows whether your edgy, creative, laid back or well organised, you judge style by comparing it to your own style, we don't want to be twinned with our lovers but we certainly don't want to look like friends, therefore, having a style match is the first step to knowing if he is right for you (it also makes shopping for each other easier). fashion is a personal closure as sometimes it can be used to express one's sexuality or gender fluidity, this closes the scope when it comes to knowing if whether you could be that persons sexual partner, please find a few pictorial examples below, I've also included a poll for you to give your opinion on what type of dress-sense your more attracted to.

Their dark clothing along with accessories that shadow the face deems mysterious and edgy 

From logo Tee's and urban hats or not being scared to wear diverse patterns makes these three images perfect to show creativity as most creatives are young at heart and these are very youthful clothing items.

with a simple checkered shirt, jeans and a casual outerwear you've bagged your average Joe! these are the hardest guys to judge as they don't look bad but they don't look as if they care to make an effort, I guess if you're after a comfortable and easy going life this is a perfect choice as together you would be the happy go lucky kinds and most likely you'll have a relationship that lasts as both your egos are minimal.



Are you of importance? then the smart look may be what you're attracted to as it embodies, wealth, intelligence and a well-kept appeal. also here's an example of how to couple up without looking like friends, and instead become a powerhouse and a great fashion match!

Gender Fluid

Are you attracted to free-spiritedness?...gender-neutral fashion, as neutral is it sounds has a broad range of styles such as girls who dress masculine or as drag queens the fashion style is endless but it also helps to close the gap on being closed into one label.

In final thoughts love at first sight is a thing, though understanding how it works and why it works will helps you not get thrown in the deep end of infatuation. fashion speaks for itself but I hope from this post you also realise that you also must take the plunge to ask a person more as you can't always judge right just from a glance on one's appearance. fashion ties in well with love as it definitely helps with attraction and making that first transition to true love. 

comment below to let us know your style, what attracts you or perhaps your experience with love at first sight!

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